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Waiting for Baby by Umm Uthmaan Children Story Book

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Written from the perspective of a Muslim home educated family, Written from the perspective of a Muslim home educated family, "Waiting for Baby" takes the reader through the excitement involved...

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Written from the perspective of a Muslim home educated family,

Written from the perspective of a Muslim home educated family,
"Waiting for Baby" takes the reader through the excitement involved in
preparing for a new sibling. Narrated in an informal yet informative tone,
this is the perfect book for any big brother or sister-to-be, home educated
or not. In keeping with Islamic principles, this book does not introduce
children to any information inappropriate for their age.

From the Back Cover
Assalaamu Alaikum dear reader,
Mama’s got a baby growing in her tummy!
Follow our 9 month journey full of exciting experiences including:
The 20 week scan

The important task of choosing a name
A sleep-over at our grandparents’ house
The big visit to the hospital
Rumaisah and Usamah

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

At first, the midwife asked why Rumaisah was not at school.
People were always curious as to why the children were out and about with their parents during school hours. Sometimes Rumaisah longed to shout,
"None of your business!"

Usamah especially minded when Mama was asked if they learnt anything at home. Mama said that she often thought to say that her children do nothing but play with toys and eat sweets all day long – just to see what reaction she would get! The midwife however, was very impressed when Mama explained that she was home educating Rumaisah and Usamah.

Sometimes Mama had to sit in another section and wait for a lady to take
blood from her arm with a horrible long needle. Rumaisah was scared every time, but Mama told her it only hurt a tiny bit. She said that it was to check that both she and the baby were healthy. Rumaisah always handed Mama a sweet straight after.

By now, the all-important question of how the baby came out of the tummy was forever on the children's lips.
For some reason, Mama would always try to change the subject.

"I don't believe it comes out from the tummy," announced Usamah. "Because then, the belly button would be opened and all the food would fall out."
Usamah had decided when he was three years old that the belly button did the same job as the plug down the sink.

Rumaisah was happy to supply the answer as Baba took them for their Science lesson. She had been awake for a long time last night thinking about it, and was sure she had solved the mystery.

"It comes...from ....the mouth!" she explained.

Book Format: Paperback
Author: Um Uthmaan
Publisher: Tarbiyyah
Language: English
Number of Pages: 62
Dimensions: 15 x 22 x 0.6 cm approx
ISBN-13: 9780955386800

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